Which heating solution to plan for an ecological house

As the years go by, the more pollution is present and the degradation of the planet is increasingly felt. Although many people are not paying attention, some people are still concerned about this phenomenon. They do everything possible to preserve the ecosystem by introducing the concept of the ecological house. This initiative aims to live in harmony with nature by opting for environmentally friendly materials. In this article you will find the best ecological heating solutions.

The wood stove: economical, practical and ecological

For thousands of years, wood has been one of the world's most widely used natural resources. This material has multiple uses in many fields: construction, cooking and even heating. Indeed, it is the oldest fuel that exists and its efficiency allows for enormous savings. When it comes to energy, the log-burning stove is very economical because it does not require electricity. Its system is based on the heat provided by the wood fire and allows a house to be heated properly. The price of such a device is also very advantageous compared to other conventional heating devices. One of the advantages of wood heating is also its ecological properties. As wood is a 100% natural element, there is no risk of harming the environment. It is a clean and harmless energy, since the CO2 from combustion is absorbed by plants and trees. It is based on renewable energy, which is a real advantage for nature lovers.

The benefits of renewable energy with solar heating

Among the ecological heating solutions that exist, the solar boiler is one of the most widely used. If the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, it is interesting to use it in your home. In addition to being economical, solar energy produces no polluting emissions and helps prevent global warming. The system of this type of boiler works with photovoltaic panels placed outside the house. These will capture the sun's rays to heat a liquid present in the device. This substance will then be used to transport the heat either to a water heater or to a heating system. Once purchased and installed, the use of solar panels does not require any additional expense. Also, they are very easy to maintain. And they can heat the entire house, unlike wood stoves, whose performance is limited.

The heat pump system

In terms of an ecological heating system, the heat pump is ideal. This device draws its energy from the heat contained in the ground, the air or water. It is the "green" heating system par excellence. The heat can be spread through under-floor heating, a radiator or fans. This method is very appreciated because of its practicality and its very efficient way of working. The disadvantage of the CAP is that it is quite expensive and not always within everyone's reached. Pumping is also quite noisy, which is not always comfortable, especially if you like the quiet. Nevertheless, this device is suitable for all types of houses, whether new or not, and can even replace a traditional heating system already installed. In terms of economy, it is not ideal since the appliance is electric, which can increase the bill. Its installation requires a few administrative steps, which can slow down some people.
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