Heating with wood: savings and performance

Heating with wood is the best alternative in terms of performance and profitability. This solution is ideal for providing the comfort necessary for everyday life without breaking the bank. This guide is for you if you are looking for an economical and satisfactory solution for your fireplace.

Energy savings and much more

Among the different types of existing fuels, wood is the least polluting. This is a major asset for those who care about preserving the environment. In addition, the wood heating market offers several choices, including the pellet stove. Like other wood heating solutions, wood is highly appreciated for its efficiency. In fact, depending on the type of stove used, the fireplace can save more than 80% in energy costs. And these savings do not go unnoticed on the bills. The medium- and long-term gain is real. How is this possible? You should know that this type of heating mode quickly shows the temperature. The duration of heat release is considerable and continuous, even when the fire is out. And to compare with other types of heaters, a pellet stove is 40% or more cheaper than the classic log model for example. Secondly, a post-combustion stove is particularly economical. Being among the most sold in France, such equipment has a high rate of efficiency, from 60 to 85%. In addition to the savings on the budget, other advantages are associated with the use of a pellet stove or other wood heating solution: - Ecology - Ease of maintenance - The life of the device (with less maintenance) - Ease of use of the storage system - Optimal heating autonomy - Etc.

Practical guide to better choose your wood stove

Consumers have a wide choice when it comes to wood heating. It is simply a matter of defining the energy requirements of the fireplace before making a choice. Call a professional to advise you, if necessary. Among the solutions available on the market, here are the most popular: - The pellet stove: Highly efficient, the pellet stove or pellet stove is one of the most popular heating systems in France. The performance in terms of thermal efficiency largely explains this success. The efficiency in question can go beyond 90%, with certain regularity thanks to its automated feeding system. There are different types of pellet stoves, which differ in terms of heat diffusion. There are natural convection stoves, forced convection models and channelled models. - The log-burning stove: The log-burning stove is appreciated rather for its design. It easily finds its place in modern interiors. Like the pellet stove, this model allows significant energy savings, even with high efficiency. The price of fuel also optimises the savings. In addition, a log-burning stove is quiet. It can be installed without electricity. Whatever your choice, be aware that a pellet stove does not necessarily benefit from the same technologies as other wood heating solutions. And a wood stove differs in several ways if it is made of steel and cast iron or of long inertia mass. The installation can also vary from one model to another. In short, make sure you are well informed before you choose.
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