How to reduce energy consumption?

According to statistics, a French person consumes on average an energy equivalent to 3 tons of oil, and households consume 47% of the energy produced in France for their domestic needs. But we can reduce this energy consumption by adopting simple but effective gestures that will become after habits.

Reducing energy consumption for lighting

We all need lighting, whether for domestic use or in our offices. It is important to know that according to studies done in this sector, lighting represents on average 15% of an electricity bill. This is huge. But there are solutions to reduce its load and save energy. In this sense, it is advisable to make the most of daylight. And don't forget to switch off the light when you leave a lit room. Also, always make a habit of switching off the light in a room where there is hardly anyone around. Another solution is to adapt the power of your lamps to your needs. In the same context, opt for compact fluorescent lamps, avoid halogens and choose the voltage of your bulbs according to their use.

Reduce energy consumption for heating

Heating is one of the main items of household energy consumption, accounting for 40% of electricity consumption. In order to save energy related to heating, it is necessary to think of using thermostats and programming clocks on the radiators or the boiler: 19°C is enough in a living room, 16°C in a bedroom at night. The insulation of windows should also be checked, bearing in mind that thermal double glazing can significantly reduce heat loss, seals, curtains and other drapes should also be considered. It is also useful to turn down the heating when you leave the house for several hours, or turn it off completely.

Reducing energy consumption for water

We all need hot water. You should know that it is produced by energy. To avoid wasting it, then, we must avoid letting the water run unnecessarily. Get into the habit of turning off the sink or shower faucet when you soap yourself. You can also set the thermostat on the water heater so that you no longer have hot tap water (this also prevents rapid scaling of the pipes). It is important to know that there are simple devices that, attached to the tap, allow you to keep the water temperature.
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