Reducing electricity consumption at home

Who doesn't dream of cutting their electricity bill in half? Know that this is no longer impossible and that you can really reduce electricity consumption and save energy by changing your consumption habits in the jobs you do on the appliances that consume the most electricity.

Reducing electricity consumption for refrigerators and freezers

To save energy in the use of refrigerators and freezers, it is necessary to install your refrigerator/freezer in the right place. It is necessary to leave space between the wall and the appliance for the air to circulate properly. To save energy, it is advisable to use your refrigerator to defrost food. The cold from the frozen product will naturally cool the other food in your fridge. On the other hand, you should defrost your fridge. A frosted appliance consumes much more electricity. As soon as the frost is 3 mm thick, it is therefore essential to maintain your appliance; otherwise its consumption will increase by 30%.

Reducing electricity consumption for multimedia devices

It is important to know that multimedia devices consume electricity even in standby mode. It is therefore advisable to hunt down these devices in standby mode. In this sense, it is necessary to unplug the multimedia devices that can be unplugged, i.e. the television set whose standby costs between 5 and 15 € per year, the DVD or BluRay player: its hours of standby accumulated over the year cost between 3 and 13 €, the game consoles: their standby costs between 2 and 10 € per year, the computer: its standby costs between 6 and 30 € per year, the coffee maker: its standby costs between 2 and 4 € per year, the microwave and the hi-fi system whose standby costs between 3 and 20 € per year, the box/modem, which costs 10 € per year in standby.

Reducing the electricity consumption of the tumble dryer

Before putting the laundry in this machine, it must first be wrung out. You should get into the habit of running your dryer only when it is full. If you can afford it, choose models with a drain or a condensation dryer, which consume 10 to 20% more. There are also models with an integrated heat pump, which allow savings of around 40% compared to a traditional model.
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