The different sources of renewable energy

Renewable energies are highly valued for their affordability, performance and ability to avoid pollution. However, it is useful to know that there are several renewable energy sources of which 5 are absolutely essential to know, including solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal energy.

Solar Energy

The sun is one of the sources of renewable energy. From its rays, we can get solar energy. In the same context, there is also photovoltaic energy which, as its name indicates, transforms the energy contained in the sun's rays into electricity, but also solar thermal energy which transforms this same radiation into heat. This solar energy is used to heat premises or domestic water (greenhouses, bioclimatic architecture, solar heating panels and water heaters) or food (solar ovens). But it can also be used indirectly to produce steam from a heat-transfer fluid to drive turbines and thus obtain electrical energy (thermodynamic or heliothermodynamic solar energy).

Wind power and hydropower

Air is also considered a renewable energy source. Wind can, in this sense, produce energy that is called wind energy. In the past it was windmills that were used to produce energy. Nowadays, wind turbines have taken over and have been developed to produce electricity from the movement of air masses. There are small wind turbines that are used to produce electricity that will be consumed directly on site. Another source of renewable energy is water. Water is produced by hydropower from dams, tides and currents, waves or the meeting of fresh and salt water. However, in order to remain renewable, the thermal energy of the seas from the difference in temperature between deep and surface water must be exploited with care to avoid any disturbance of the natural flows of the seas.

Biomass energy and geothermal energy

Biomass energy includes wood, biofuels from plants such as rapeseed or beet or biogas. Biomass energy is a renewable energy produced by burning or metabolizing organic matter. And last but not least, the last renewable energy source is the earth. There is what is known as geothermal energy, which is produced by extracting energy from the ground.
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