What is a renewable energy source?

In order to preserve the environment and the various natural resources, it is preferable to turn to the use of renewable energies, which are considered to be cleaner and more beneficial to health and the environment around us. What do we need to know about these energy sources?

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energies or RE are essentially energies whose sources are available without time limit or can be replenished faster than they are consumed. This is not the case for fossil fuel-based energies whose stocks are not renewable on the human time scale. RE is derived from natural renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, water, biomass and land. Most of the time, renewable energy is referred to as "green energy" or "clean energy". Moreover, the low environmental impact that occurs after their exploitation makes these energies a major element of corporate CSR strategies for sustainable development.

The benefits of using renewable energy sources

Using renewable energy can have undue advantages. The impact of their exploitation on the ecosystem is very low since the system is inert, in the sense that there is no displacement. Moreover, during the exploitation of renewable energy sources, few parts are moving outside. On the other hand, the powers produced can be quite high due to a few MW per element. The efficiencies are also good. Moreover, most systems are quite robust and could have a life span of about 100 years. As far as pollution is concerned, it is important to know that the exploitation of renewable energies generates few pollutants if we only talk about waste and emissions. It is useful to know that RE is a privileged vector in the fight against global warming.

Disadvantages of using renewable energy sources

Although the use of renewable energy sources, it is a tempting solution for the preservation of the environment. It also has drawbacks. It turns out that the energy efficiency of renewable energy sources is often lower than that of fossil fuels, production costs are higher in the short term and their availability is more uncertain in the case of solar and wind energy. However, these drawbacks could be erased as technological progress is made.
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