Attic insulation, why?

An uninsulated house is highly exposed to heat loss, which results in high energy bills. And while it is true that for a good energy renovation, different types of work are to be considered, the fact remains that insulation is the most important project. But why prioritize the insulation of attic space and converted attic space? What is the practical interest in carrying out this type of work? And what subsidies can you benefit from to facilitate such a project?

Why focus on attic insulation?

Thermal losses take place in various places in your home. The different walls are the points of heat exchange between the inside and the outside. But heat loss is not the same at all levels. It is in fact proven through heat loss calculations that the roof and attic alone are responsible for 30% of heat loss. At the same time, the walls cause 25% of the heat loss while 13% of the energy loss is through the windows. It is therefore noticeable that the attic is the most exposed part of the building. In other words, one should insulate one's attic space before thinking about any other type of renovation such as the improvement of ventilation and heating systems.

The main advantages of attic insulation

As mentioned above, the attic is responsible for the greatest energy losses. By renovating attics, you can reduce heat loss by about 30%. In addition, it is important to know that compared to an uninsulated house, a construction that meets the criteria of the RT 2012 allows you to save up to 95% more. Renovating the attic therefore means less money is spent in the long term. Moreover, you should know that such a project is essential if you wish to benefit from optimal comfort inside your home, both in summer and in winter. Indeed, heat loss causes certain instability of the internal temperature. In winter, you are therefore too cold in spite of the heating and in summer the coolness emitted by your air conditioner tends to escape. Finally, you must take into account that insulating your attic space can improve the overall energy performance of your home. Its value on the market is therefore higher.

The aids available to insulate your attic space

Energy Conservation Certificates are a scheme introduced by the government to require fuel suppliers to pay for the environmental impact of their activities. To this end, these suppliers offer bonuses through approved organisations. You thus have the energy bonus which can help you in the realization of your insulation of the developed or lost attic. There is also the Zero Rate Eco Loan, the Tax Credit, reduced VAT and ANAH aid.
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