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Photovoltaic solar panels are ideal solutions for lighting in the future. They have several qualities, including the preservation of the environment. They are recommended in the face of greenhouse gas emissions.

What is a photovoltaic solar panel?

The solar panel is a technological device with a flat shape and a surface area of one m2. It is used to recover photovoltaic energy. It is the energy from the sun's radiation transformed into heat. This heat heats domestic water thanks to thermal collectors. It is also used to produce electricity via several photovoltaic cells. The panel sometimes combines both electrical and thermal technologies. It is installed either on the ground or on the roof of a dwelling. Photovoltaic panels capture the energy free of charge from the sun's rays. This photovoltaic energy can be resold or consumed by oneself. The installation of solar panels allows some families to produce solar energy and therefore regular income from the resale of electrical energy.

The different types of photovoltaic panels

There are 3 types of solar panels. The difference lies in the type of cells used. The cells are made from silicon. The manufacturing methods give quite different characteristics in terms of productivity. The first category consists of amorphous cells. These cells are made from silicon gas. It is sprayed on flexible plastic, glass, metal through a vaporization process. The amorphous cells are quite dark grey in colour. They are less efficient than monocrystalline cells. These form the second category of panels. They come from a single block of molten silicon. They are pure cells. They are more energy efficient. They are octagonal in shape with a dark navy blue or grey colour. Very efficient, they produce enough energy for a smaller surface area. The last category of solar panels is polycrystalline cells. They come from a group of silicon in the form of crystals.

What are the advantages of this form of energy?

The production of solar energy is one of the significant advances in new technologies. Using such energy, called green electricity, can add value to a building. This guarantees energy independence. In addition to the varied range of photovoltaic panels, advisers who carry out energy study beforehand. It is free of charge. They also establish the necessary budget for the installation. The panels for the moment are a fairly cost-effective way to produce clean electricity. The resale can provide about 1,800 euros of income per year for about 20 years. The energy is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Photovoltaic panels are a fairly economical, profitable and nature-friendly solution.
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