Simple solutions to save energy

Published on : 24 June 20203 min reading time

Even if most of our daily tasks depend to a large extent on renewable or non-renewable energies, we must be aware that our consumption is constantly increasing day by day. In order to prevent resources from drying up and to lower our energy bills, it is necessary to save the energy we use.

Solutions to save energy with waterproofing

Sealing is a very simple solution to help you save energy. To do this, it is important to immediately seal joints and cracks in the walls and also regularly check the insulation of your windows. It is important to know that unsealed windows can be responsible for a 10% increase in your heating costs. However, double glazing and proper insulation measures will help reduce costs. In the case of single glazing, all you need to do is to additionally stick a transparent insulating film on the window frame. This can save you up to 10% in heating costs.

Simple solutions to save energy with a few easy steps

There are some things we need to do to help us save energy. To do this, we should avoid taking the car or plane, on the contrary we should prefer to travel on foot, by bicycle, take the bus, train or metro. We must also give preference to regional products from short circuits. On the other hand, we must abandon electric heating. In addition, it is necessary to insulate one’s home properly. Similarly, it is essential to adapt the ambient temperature: 19° in the living rooms, 16° in the bedrooms. Furthermore, it is necessary to choose the most economical appliances by referring to the “Energy Saving Label”. In the same context, it is advisable to unplug unused electrical appliances. In addition, it is recommended to give preference to natural light. You should also remember to dry your laundry on a clothesline rather than in the tumble dryer. When cooking food, it is useful to put a lid on the pots and pans. Do not put hot food in a refrigerator.

Simple solutions to save energy: thermal diagnostics

Making a thermal diagnosis allows us to know approximately the energy consumption of our home and for this, this diagnosis helps us not to waste energy. A good thermal diagnosis also helps to make your home more energy efficient.

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