How can I save money through attic insulation work?

Thermal insulation work is highly recommended if you wish to reduce your energy consumption. Attic insulation in particular allows you to make significant savings every year.

The role of attics in heat loss

Heat leakage is common in a house that does not have adequate thermal insulation. Of the total heat produced by your heating appliances, 10% will leak out through your floor, 20% through the walls and 20% through the windows. These are already significant losses, but they are secondary compared to the attic space, which can, in the worst situations, let out nearly 35% of the heat from the house. To effectively insulate your home, it is therefore important to take care of the roof first, otherwise your other efforts will be in vain. Your work of insulating the attic, if it is well done, will allow you to expect up to 500 euros in energy savings per year, a significant part of the average heating budget of the French, which is estimated at about 1600 euros per year.

The importance of using a professional

To be fully effective, your renovation work must be entrusted to a professional, as many precautions must be taken. Otherwise, your insulation is likely to fail in many areas and will have a limited lifespan. A professional, on the other hand, will be able to adapt to the characteristics of your house and local conditions to offer you the best possible insulation. In particular, he will choose the type of insulation material to be used: glass wool, cellulose wadding, cork, phenolic or polystyrene foam, or its shape: rolls, panels, granules or spray foam. He will successively install the vapour barrier, the insulating layer, the mesh and a finishing coat and will make sure to fight as best he can against humidity which, if left untreated, can be very harmful to your insulation.

Insulate your attic space for free

The cost of insulating the attic of your home can pay for itself in a few years thanks to the savings you'll make. If you are, like thousands of French people, eligible for financial aid from the State, you may even be able to have this insulation carried out free of charge. The offer must meet a few conditions. In particular, the house in question must be your main residence and its attic must be attic space. You must also not exceed a certain income level, which is calculated each year according to where you live and the composition of your household. Once these conditions are met, a professional approved by the State will be able, thanks to the energy allowance, to effectively insulate the roof of your house for a symbolic one euro. Otherwise, other aid, smaller but still interesting, may be offered to you, such as the tax credit or the interest-free loan.
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