Energy-saving solution: opting for attic insulation

Good roof insulation has many advantages for private individuals. Not only does it improve living comfort, it also saves a lot of money. But the work differs depending on your objectives.

Insulating lost attic space

In a house, we talk about attic space if the ceiling height is too low to create a new room or if the place is difficult to access due to the presence of a farmhouse frame. In any case, attic insulation is very simple to install in this case. Most of the time, the craftsmen will resort to blowing in order to project a certain amount of flake insulation on the floor of the room. This method prevents access but it is also the cheapest to implement since it requires only a few hours of work. If you want to keep free access to the floor, insulation in the ramps of the roof will be more appropriate, even if you will have to plan a larger budget to carry out the work.

Insulating converted attic space

If you want to create a new room in the attic, you should pay particular attention to the insulation. If you have a limited budget or if no further roof renovation is planned, double layer insulation from the inside is most recommended. In this case, the craftsmen will place two layers of insulation in the ramps before completing with the installation of a vapour barrier that will prevent moisture infiltration over the long term. If, on the contrary, you wish to renovate the roof covering at the same time, it is in your best interest to choose sarking. After removing the roof, the craftsmen will place the insulation before putting in new tiles. This technique takes much longer to implement even if it allows you to keep a certain charm when you fit out your new room. It is also the most expensive method of all.

What savings can be made with insulation?

Good roof insulation has immediate benefits on your daily living comfort but also allows you to make considerable energy savings, bringing financial savings in the medium term. By preventing heat from escaping, good insulation allows you to better regulate the temperature inside the rooms and thus optimize the operation of the heating system. If you have invested in control systems, you can also choose the temperature remotely and lower it during your absence and when you sleep. Many private individuals have been able to reduce their energy bills by around 20% with attic insulation alone. By insulating the rest of the house, you can reduce your bill from several dozen to several hundred euros per year. The work is also very profitable since it is at least partly covered by the financial aid provided by the State.
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