How can you save on your energy bills?

The cost of the energy bill is a major expense for every household. On average, it is estimated at 30% of monthly expenses. So what can you do to reduce consumption without compromising comfort?

Carry out energy renovation work

The State encourages households to carry out energy renovation work in their homes. Indeed, this option allows considerable energy savings. One of the avenues to be explored is optimizing the heating system, which can quickly increase the bill in winter. To do this, opt for class A and A+ appliance. They consume less energy. Oil-fired boilers, gas condensing boilers and heat pumps are among the most efficient heating appliances on the market. In addition, the installation of a system operating with renewable energies can halve the energy bill. Solar panels are the most common. Depending on the type and quality of the system, they require a larger or smaller initial budget, but the investment will soon pay for itself. For example, you can use a solar panel to power the hot water tank. Other types of energy can also be used depending on the location of your home: wind energy, hydraulic energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy.

Insulate the dwelling to consume less

A well-insulated house allows you to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs, but also to enjoy greater comfort at home in summer and winter. Insulation work aims to eliminate thermal bridges in several areas of the home. Roof, floor, attic and walls can be insulated for optimal results in order to reduce energy consumption. Of course, this option requires a significant investment. But the energy savings you make will help you recoup your expenses. Moreover, it is possible to benefit from assistance for your insulation work. The state has planned a series of measures and financial incentives in this area. In any case, even if solar panels will help you minimize your electricity bill, with good insulation, you will make more consequent savings. In addition, there are other ways to consume less energy: - Try to set the temperature to an appropriate value to avoid over-consumption. - Set the temperature of the hot water tank to around 60°C. - Take a shower rather than a bath. To help you find the best solutions, call in a skilled craftsman. Finally, good maintenance of your equipment is essential to optimise its efficiency.

Adopting the right gestures on a daily basis

It would also be necessary to change one's habits to limit one's daily energy consumption. Here are a few tips: Group your dirty clothes together to avoid over-consumption in the washing machine and favour the low temperature programme. Then let the clothes dry in the open air. - When you buy electronics and household appliances, find out how much energy they consume. For example, the LCD screen is more economical than the plasma screen, the laptop computer compared to the desktop computer... - It is also essential to unplug all cables when you are away for a long time and to switch off all electronic devices, as they still consume energy even if they are in standby mode. - Place refrigerators and freezers in a place away from a heat source and avoid opening them often and for long periods of time. - Use energy-saving light bulbs in every room. They last longer and use less electricity. - Finally, in the kitchen, use a pressure cooker to cook your meats and vegetables. Cooking is quick. On the other hand, to boil water, the kettle consumes less. Moreover, it is strongly advised to invest in an induction hob. It heats up very quickly and uses less energy than the vitro-ceramic table and conventional hotplates.
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