How to save energy and reduce your energy bill?

Electricity bills are part of the fixed charges for the month. If you don't pay enough attention to energy losses in your home, you will have to pay more and more. So here are 3 energy saving tips that can change your life.

Doing some insulation work

Energy retrofitting, whether for condominiums or single-family homes, involves identifying areas of heat loss. You will be surprised that by improving the insulation of your home, your electricity bill will be significantly reduced. However, it is advisable to call in a professional to carry out this work in the best possible conditions. A company with expertise in interior and exterior insulation will bring in craftsmen with the skills and know-how necessary to draw up an energy balance for your home and provide you with energy saving advice. By insulating the attic, roof, floor, ceiling and walls, you can make do with just a few hours of heating a day. Thanks to these energy-saving measures, your home will maintain a constant room temperature regardless of the weather outside.

Choosing the right electrical devices

You know very well that household appliances consume a lot of electricity. To save energy, choose category A++ devices. These devices may cost more, but they will allow you to reduce your bills by up to 10 times. Take an interest in your lighting tools as well. Opt for LED bulbs instead of traditional lamps that last less and require more energy to operate. Another little trick that won't cost you a penny: take advantage of the sunlight. Don't be one of those people who take advantage of subdued lighting even in the middle of the day! Open the blinds and let the UV rays flood the rooms. Your body will thank you and so will your electricity bills!

Never keep your electrical appliances on standby

If, like most French people, you turn off your TV using the remote control, you should know that this habit is costing you money. DVD player, capsule coffee maker, air conditioner, game console, microwave, these devices continue to consume electricity when they are on standby. So the best thing to do is to unplug the device after each use. This little extra effort, which takes only a few seconds, will show up on your bills. For better energy efficiency, it is strongly recommended to install power strips that will allow you to turn off all your appliances at once! To know more..: Intelligent "standby" sockets are available in all stores: another way to consume less and better!

How a heat pump works?

The principle of a heat pump or more commonly heat pump (HP) is simple, the heat pump is a device consisting of an evaporator, a compressor generator and a condenser that replaces the traditional gas or oil boiler. This device is a thermodynamic device capable of heating a room.

Different models of thermal insulation

Mineral insulation: expanded clay, cellular glass, rock wool, glass wool... Natural insulation: wood fibres, flax fibres, hemp, cork, duck feathers, cellulose wadding, green roofing... Synthetic insulation: extruded/expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, polymer foam, new generation insulation: cellular concrete, aerogels, cellular formwork...

How can thermal comfort be improved?

To succeed in improving thermal comfort, it is not enough to multiply the thickness of insulation, as this approach is expensive and has limited effectiveness. The best solution is to carry out work that complies with regulations, carry out a heat balance, track down thermal bridges and call in specialists.
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