How to save energy?

Energy savings are increasingly sought in the private housing stock, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. By having your renovation work financed and changing a few habits, you can easily reduce your energy consumption.

Carrying out insulation work

If you live in an old, poorly insulated building or one built before the 2000s, you can change all your consumption habits and still not make significant energy savings. Before changing heating equipment or changing your habits, it is important to insulate your home. You can read more about sites, but insulating the attic and other parts of a house or apartment can significantly reduce your energy bill by preventing heat loss in the home. Roof insulation alone or attic insulation alone can reduce the bill by around 20%. Other insulation work can be carried out in a home: internal or external insulation of the walls, insulation of hot water pipes or replacement of windows to install more insulating double glazing. Don't hesitate to seek advice from approved professionals.

Changing heating equipment

After insulating lost attics, walls and changing your windows, you can maximize your energy savings by investing in a new heating system. Some financial assistance can help you buy a new boiler or thermodynamic water heater, provided the new equipment meets a certain thermal performance after installation. If your home is equipped with old electric convectors, it is advisable to replace them with inertia models that consume less energy. On hot-water radiators, you can install thermostatic valves to better manage the temperature in your room. Attention, if you have a collective heating system, it is recommended that you call a professional if you wish to change your heating equipment because some rules are very strict on the installation of a radiator.

Learn to consume better

To make immediate energy savings, you can also change your consumption habits. By investing in a home automation system, you will be able to manage all the equipment in your home and its consumption more easily. To get started, install a connected thermostat system (or thermostatic valve connected to hot water radiators) on your heating system and control the temperatures in your rooms from a dedicated app. You can also install new sockets in your home that will allow you to manage the consumption of your high-tech equipment and household appliances. By switching off standby appliances easily when you're not there, you can save several tens of euros without making any effort. It's up to you to choose the option that best suits your situation.
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How to reduce energy consumption?

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