How to save water?

Europe's water reserves are beginning to dry up faster and faster and are not being replenished sufficiently to meet the continent's water needs. It is therefore essential to know how to use it wisely. To do this, certain gestures must be adopted to save water.

Saving water in the bathroom

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in our house where we use the most water. In order to save water then, we must avoid letting it run while shaving, washing hands or teeth. It is also advisable to equip the flow reducing taps sometimes called water saving aerators or aerators which allow reducing water consumption from 15 Litres/minute to 5 depending on the model. On the other hand, it is recommended to give preference to a 5-minute shower over a bath. This way, you can use on average 130L less. Moreover, by turning off the water during soaping, you can save 20 litres more. As for toilets, it is preferable to choose a model equipped with a dual-control flush that allows you to use between 3 and 8 litres of consumable water instead of the usual 10 to 12.

Saving water in the kitchen

In order to save the water used in the kitchen, it is important to wash the vegetables over a basin so that the water collected can be reused, for example, to water plants and flowers. Also, wait until the dishwasher is completely full before starting it. Some models are available with an Eco or Half Load button. If, on the other hand, you do the dishes by hand, you should avoid letting the water run. It is advisable to fill 2 basins, one for washing, and the other for rinsing. This avoids wasting water unnecessarily since you will only use 15 to 20 litres as opposed to no less than 50 litres if you let the tap run.

Saving water in the garden

As far as the garden is concerned, it is advisable to use a drip watering system or a porous hose to regulate the pressure and therefore the quantity of water distributed, limiting its flow. It is also necessary to think about using other sources of water, other than drinking water, such as well water or rainwater.
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