Saving on energy consumption

The State and other organisations have set up financial aid to encourage you to carry out a thermal renovation. Thanks to these works, you will also be able to save on your bill.

Reduce your taxes thanks to renovation

In order to encourage even the least well-off households to carry out energy renovation work in their homes, the State has introduced tax incentives to sharply reduce the amount of the work. The entire population can benefit from these tax measures: reduced or intermediate VAT, energy transition tax credit, temporary exemption from property tax in certain municipalities, etc. For insulation in Normandy, the rules are the same as in the rest of France but you can inquire about the possibility of an exemption from property tax if you are a property owner. Before carrying out any roof insulation or other work, contact your tax office before signing any quotation and have your work carried out by an RGE craftsman (recognised environmental guarantor), a list of which is available on the internet.

Saving on the energy bill

By insulating attics, walls or floors, you can make considerable savings on your energy bill and save up to several hundred euros per year depending on the current state of your home and the work you wish to carry out. It is estimated that insulating an attic can reduce the bill by around 20% due to the majority of losses that take place through the roof. Other work can save you money, but it is important to seek professional advice before you start. You can also save on the total cost of the work by taking advantage of the financial assistance provided by certain organizations with the help of the government.

Which works should be carried out as a priority?

In general, it is often advisable to start the work by insulating the attic space because of the increased risk of energy loss. Insulating lost attic space only takes a few hours, but converted attics may require a few days of work depending on the configuration of the room and your desire to create a new living space. After the roof, walls and interior joinery are the biggest sources of heat loss. You can ask a craftsman to insulate the walls from the inside or outside and have your windows changed. It is advisable to opt for double glazing, but some craftsmen may recommend triple glazing. To optimize your work, do not hesitate to insulate the ground floor and the hot water pipes. You will thus have a perfectly insulated dwelling.
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How to reduce energy consumption?

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