Some tips for saving energy

Reducing a home's energy consumption is beneficial if we only talk about protecting and preserving the environment. It can also help us reduce our energy bills and save money accordingly. But what should we do then?

Tips for saving energy for heating

To reduce energy consumption in a home, it is important to look first at the heating side, which accounts for more than 2/3 of your home's energy consumption. It is advisable to set your heating to lower but comfortable temperatures. We can also heat a room to 19°C instead of 20°C. This reduces energy consumption by 7%. In addition, it is also possible to turn down the heating at night or when you are away or close the shutters. In addition, to reduce air-conditioning, the blinds should be lowered during hot weather and the house should be ventilated at nightfall. Limit the temperature of the hot water to 60°C and prefer showers to baths.

Energy-saving tips for electrical appliances

As far as electrical appliances are concerned, it is recommended to use low-energy light bulbs that require 4 to 5 times less energy than standard bulbs. On the other hand, televisions, hi-fi systems and computers should be switched off when not in use. It is advisable to boil water in a covered pan, which requires 4 times less energy. Furthermore, it is recommended to install the freezer in an unheated room and wait for the dishes to cool before putting them in the refrigerator to prevent the appliances from using too much energy.

Tips for saving energy consumption

Apart from electrical appliances and heating, we can also reduce our energy consumption by taking action on our consumption. To do this, it is necessary to consume seasonal fruit and vegetables. Indeed, 1 kg of winter strawberries can require the equivalent of 5 litres of diesel to reach our plate. It is also advisable to preferably buy products with environmental logos. Likewise, products in large packaging, such as a 1 kg packet of pasta, should be preferred to four 250 g packs. This will produce less waste and save you money.
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