Subsidies to renovate your house for free

For a number of years now, the State has introduced various financial aid schemes for insulation work. The objective is to encourage society's energy transition towards consumption patterns that are more respectful of the environment and the biosphere. But can you really get funding for roof insulation and other thermal development work without spending a euro? That's what we're going to see.

Attic insulation: an investment that always pays off

30% of heat loss occurs through the roof in a poorly insulated house. The calculation is therefore very simple... Insulating the attic, even if you do the work yourself, can only be profitable in the long term. Indeed, from the point of view of thermal comfort, energy savings, maintaining the value of your property on the real estate market, there are only advantages to insulate your home well. This is all the more true if you use one of the many subsidies made available by the State and local authorities.

State aid for roof insulation

Many grants can be used for the renovation of attics, especially lost attics. For example, the Energy Transition Tax Credit allows individuals, whether tenants or owners, to take advantage of a 30% tax credit on their energy retrofit work. The ceilings for access are €8,000 for a single person and €16,000 for a couple. We can also mention the eco-loan at zero rates. This device allows you to obtain a zero-interest loan for any insulation work including the attic plus at least another part of the house. Here, there is no means test; the work simply has to be done on a house whose construction was completed before 1990. Finally, the public authorities also propose a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% for home improvement work, whether for main or secondary residences. In other words, in order to be eligible for all these subsidies, it is essential to hire a professional to carry out the work.

Other grants for insulation

Grants and subsidies represent only part of the available resources. There are also those offered by other organizations, such as:
  • assistance from the National Housing Agency's "Habiter mieux" programme
  • energy vouchers
  • the energy bonus offered by energy suppliers for the installation of sustainable development equipment
Aids, premiums, subsidies, credits which, in sum, cover all possible situations.
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