The electrical box meets the electrical needs of each sector

The electrical box has an essential role in an electrical installation; since it will power and protect all the electrical lines in the building in question. This electrical box, also called electrical panel, is adaptable to all types of installations, for all professional environments, namely:
  • Professions related to water and air treatment
  • The professionals of the event industry –
  • Professionals of travelling shows (fairgrounds, exhibitions...)
  • The residential sector and the blue tariff
  • The tertiary sector
  • The industry
  • Farmers and winegrowers
  • Outdoor hotels (supply of camping sites, mobile homes and caravans...)
  • Building and public works professionals
  • ..
Each of these areas has particular needs in terms of power supply and the enclosures used must meet very specific technical requirements. In order to supply all the electrical installations of these different trades, different boxes are manufactured: socket boxes, distribution boxes, temporary connection boxes, protection boxes, etc... All these different boxes have very specific roles in an electrical installation.

The building site boxes

This is the temporary box on which all site personnel have access to electricity. It can contain electrical outlets as well as the associated protections. This site electrical box ensures the protection of the goods connected to it but also the safety of the people who use the electrical equipment connected to this box.

Camping boxes

At campsites and other outdoor recreation annexes, there are various facilities to be supplied. Whether it is for general power supply, power supply for mobile homes, caravans or to power the protective boxes on tent pitches, the electrical equipment of the campsite is subjected to severe tests. Indeed, it must be able to cope with bad weather and intensive use in all circumstances. It is therefore essential to use materials that are robust, waterproof, easy to maintain and reliable.

The electrical boxes for industry

Electrical cabinets specially designed for industry must first and foremost protect electrical circuits, but above all people and the electrical equipment connected to them. It is possible to add options such as: - Metering This is a module in the electrical panel that will calculate the consumption of each electrical line (sockets, lights, heating ...). To do this, energy meters are used that are directly connected to the electrical panel alone. - Energy management It is a matter of automatically controlling the various power lines. For example, you can ask for the light to be switched on at a certain time, for the electric shutters to be closed at a certain time... This system allows you to improve and better manage your energy consumption. This box allows for electrical distribution, control and signalling. The electrical boxes dedicated to industry and the tertiary sector may have a light to indicate a voltage higher than it can withstand. It frequently has an emergency cut-out. This emergency device often takes the form of a punch stop to cut the power immediately in the event of an incident.

Electrical boxes dedicated to the agricultural sector

The electrical boxes specially designed for the agricultural sector are subjected to intense use and must withstand peaks in intensity. Different ranges of enclosures can be used: plastic, sheet metal, polyester enclosures, etc... These enclosures must also be able to support all industrial sockets of all powers. Some details related to all electrical enclosures All these boxes, whatever the sector and the trade, must have essential qualities for a perfect use such as:
  • Watertightness to external solid and liquid bodies thanks to the IP protection index in order to withstand all the constraints of a building site (dust, water, climatic hazards...).
  • Robust and shock-resistant thanks to the IK index (international mechanical protection)
  • Complies with applicable standards
  • Easy to transport (for mobile electrical boxes)
  • Suitable for intensive use
These enclosures must also be designed and manufactured in such a way as to comply with the NFC 15-100 standard.
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