What are the characteristics of the city of Limoges?

Belonging to the Prefecture of Haute-Vienne, Limoge is located in the central-western part of France. The city is the former capital of the province of Limousin, where it is a real centre of equilibrium for New Aquitaine. Now Limoge is becoming one of the most populated cities in New Aquitaine, leading to an increase in the demand for housing.

Discover Limoges

The city of Limoges is known for its ability to promote trade thanks to its central location. Indeed, Limoges remains the heart of an urban area with almost 280,000 inhabitants favouring the economic pole in the centre-western part. But, how can one reach the city of Limoges? If we look at the road axis, Limoges is located at the crossroads between Spain, the central Atlantic Europe route and Northern Europe. The town has an international airport and several rail links linking Toulouse, Lyon, Paris and Bordeaux. These railway lines are real assets to promote the establishment in the city. Thus, the city welcomes up to 2500 new inhabitants every year. This number generally comes from the preserved environment of Limoge and its services within the reach of a regional capital.

Limoges, a city of history and art

From 2008, the city of Limoges will be part of the national network of "cities and countries of art and history". The town is thus one of the 181 members of the network and receives the prestigious label from the Ministry of Culture for local authorities. The aim of this label is to highlight the city's heritage and make it known to inhabitants and visitors alike. As far as history is concerned, Limoges has many antique remains accompanied by architecture centred on Art Deco. We must not forget the pleasant industrial adventure and the arts of fire which have contributed to the construction of 2000 years of history. Today, the town has a rich heritage of know-how and craftsmen specialising in insulation. Finding a specialist in attic insulation in Limoges is therefore easier and means a cheaper service in terms of quality/price ratio.

What are the characteristics of the craft and industrial heritage?

The city of Limoges remains one of the municipalities rich in industrial and craft heritage, an ideal city. Porcelain, stained glass, enamel and the arts of fire characterise this sector. The city's inhabitants have been able to combine a taste for perfection, a note of creativity and a passion for the material within the various treasures presented on each site of visit. These elements that make up the heritage of Limoges are recognised in 2017 by UNESCO. Moreover, the city is gaining international renown thanks to its porcelain, even though it is already adopting a certain reputation for enamels. In order to increase the number of visitors to the city, the tourist office works closely with the department called Ville d'art ET d'Histoire. This collaboration leads to the installation of actions and supports that serve to discover the city and its craft heritage.
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